Honky Tonk shirt

Hello everybody  !

Lately I have been listenning to so much western swing / hillbilly I always have some tune playing in my head. And of course, very close in my mind are all the stage clothes. Although they were sometimes way too sparkly or « fringy » for me, and were perfect on stage, I love  western 40s 50s charming outfits.

There’s an interesting post on Vintage dancer : http://vintagedancer.com/vintage/1930-1950s-western-wear-for-women-and-men/


So here is my last project, celebrating the not-very-hot-weather here in France : my first of many honky tonk shirt. A simple, first project, on which I could practice some of the tehnics I learned, such as embroidery, or « pistol cuffs ».

I wanted to get a result close to these loooovely 1940s honkytonk outfits, simple, easy to wear everyday.

They are often so expensive, and so rarely my size that I came to the idea of making my own too.



I used a pattern from a current Burda magazine, from the july of 2010. It proposed a country style chapter, in which appeared this lovely « blues shirt »


Pretending to be a hollywood 1940s western movie star/singer, even without the « glamour part » is always nice :3

I chose a very classic combination of burgundy and beige gabardine for this. Although I am looking for a thinner gabardine, desperately seeking out rayon gabardine, recent or vintage. (if anyone has a good quality website to buy some on pleaaaaaaaase tell me !)

A view from the back : a very simple beige yoke
Getting closer


Coming closer
On the front I remove some parts of the pattern to keep just this funny shaped yoke


A bit closer : aligned pearl snap fasteners, yiiis! 



Aaaand the big new try : hand embroidery. It is not perfect, but let’s say I am satisfied with this first try, and I can’t wait to make others! I have so many ideas !


And another challenge was to build the « pistol cuff », as I didn’t have any pattern for it.This is the kind of shape (the wave) I wanted :

The result


And smile pockets !



lonesome cowboy lalala…

paw ! paw !


Did you / are you also sewing honky tonk / western clothes ? I’m dying to see it, leave the link in the comments !

Thanks for reading !

I leave you with one of the great classics about yummy yum honky tonk men by Mister Johnny Horton himself :


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  1. pipersprings1 dit :

    You did a wonderful job. You look like pictures of my mother when she was young. She is an authentic cowgirl of the era.

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