Tailoring process – Nothing’s too good for my baby – part 3

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Hi everyone!!

Lately I started a project I called « hell in thread » because of the crazy hours I spent on hand stitching. Well at least at first step, then it got other beautiful nicknames haha!

This is the second article I write about it, here is the first one, about the pattern and adjustments.

I started with the structural process, I chose the second option (B) in the following drawings,  from the awesome website stiff collar. The shoulder is formed with a rounded piece of structural fabric.

0301 Mise en page 001 _ Mise en

So,  first of all, I sewed the inside pocket. This is the first step of building a piped pocket 🙂



Then; here is the assembled inside structure :

explications sur photo

Theses layers are sewn on the outside fabric along the outside edge.



I rubbed pure bees wax on the thread so it wouldn’t « curl » and create annoying knots during the process 🙂





Here is the purpose of the rounded shape of the piece on the shoulder : to create a « bump » that will accompany the shoulder-chest.




The collar :

I hand stitched the structural fabric on the outside fabric, with the collar folded in its final position, so it may be its « natural » position.

Then I added a black tape on the edges to reinforce them (red line on the previous « stiff collar » drawings), and another along the folding line of the collar (blue strip on the drawings).

(red thread is tacking stitches 😉 )



Tapes are also hand stitched 🙂


both sides finished!


The upper collar : hand stitched and also reinforced in corners.


then gathered the  under collar to the jacket.



and then the upper collar on the under collar!

Sorry for the bad light quality, it was late! Haha ^^


The wrists

I processed to reinforce the wrist and build them

IMG_8033 IMG_8037 IMG_8047

It’s all for now,

see you soon for the « Nothing too good for my baby – part 4 »: The lining of my darling’s jacket!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This is an amazing process. I have done it a few times and luxuriate in the detail so absent in fast fashion (often my day job). Great work! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Can’t wait to finish it! I don’t have m’y sewing machine with me currently :-(… I also love this old process, longer, but better 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh I love a good tailored jacket – even though it takes AGES. (Look for my Dior-inspiried suit (tagged Dior-kavajen) on my blog if you’re intrested in the female version!)

    1. Owww yeah your jacket Is amazing!
      Oh Yes it takes ages, and I don’t have my sewing machine with me now, that’s why my blog is taking à break right now :-S

  3. Bonjour Sophie,
    Je ne trouve pas de formulaire pour t’envoyer un mail sur ton blog (soit je ne suis pas douée, soit il n’y en a pas?) alors je profite de ce post pour te poser une petite question sans aucun rapport : est-ce que par hasard tu n’étais pas hier soir à Tours au festival Rockin’ the Country Jamboree?
    Bonne journée à toi,


    1. Salu Juliette! Oui j’y étais tout le week end! Toi aussi??! 🙂 🙂

  4. J’y étais samedi soir, il me semblait bien t’avoir reconnue…mais comme je suis plutôt timide, je n’ai pas osé venir te demander si c’était bien toi!
    Bon, si jamais je te recroise (sur Tours ou ailleurs) je viendrais au moins te dire bonjour!

    1. Oh il aurait fallu oser, ça m’aurait fait plaisir de rencontrer une autre blogueuse 🙂
      Ah malheureusement je n’habite pas sur Tours mais j’y reviendrai pour l’américain festival 🙂


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