Midcentury ball dress!!

Hello everyone!

here is one of my last projects.

page de couv

I had in my pattern stock a midcentury style dress I wanted to make for a long time.

It’s a Butterick but the enveloppe is not in a good shape and the number is unreadable…


It’s a simple straight dress with outside pocketswith just enough details to make it perfect for me 🙂


I really like the collar shaped like a star (or little trangles in a bigger one if you prefer haha!).

The pockets have the same detail too.


I chose a beige crepe fabric, very light and fluid. I hesitated a while to add a lining inside (the fabric is slightly transparent). But I often wear « under dresses » so I chose the fastest and easiest way haha!

Here’s the beast!



I still hesitate about narrowing the skirt. In fact I had to reduce the whole dress (it was two sizes bigger than mine)

  And the collar! Yey!

IMG_8552 ZOOM!IMG_8553

And strangely, this was really not so hard to do properly! I even didn’t scream at anytime making it, and kept completely calm!! And believe me this is really rare! Haha!! (sewing, a true love/hate story ^^)


I added a little »mid century moden » detail : a little atomic star 🙂 (it’ not visible on the previous photos because of the lack of light and the huge contrast on the photo :s


Oh and a little zoom on one on the pocket. They are a little bigger than the skirt so they « pop out » of it 🙂 It’s a strange finition to me but well I got used to it.


We try to take pictures seriously, we really do, I swear! :p

Thanks for reading!! 


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  1. Klara dit :

    I’ve found you through the wesewretro blog and I’m loving this dress! Beautiful details of the cut and your finish is so great and precise. Love that atomic star embroidery, too, very cute :).


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