The 40s « detective » outfit

Hello everybody!

Today I am going to present you one of my latest projects : One that makes me feel like a 1940s detective. (Don’t ask me why, it’s only the strange first feeling I got about it haha! )


Tadaaaa!!    My 40s « detective-secretary » outfit!!


This outfit is composed by a silk shirt and a long skirt.

The shirt is made out of a silky fabric  I can’t find the pattern in my stuff, I’m sorry.!IMG_6013

Inside french seams finishing 🙂 . I really love the delicate feather pattern. It appears with movement and light.


(Sorry, poor quality pictures because of the low brightness level of my appartment lights)

The collar itselfoffers a special feature : I can make a knot with the « extended pieces of collar » (I don’t know what’s the english term for these things 🙂 ) , or I can just leave them, or put them inside the shirt. One shirt, three different ways to wear it! 🙂


And then comes the skirt, made with a heavy black fabric!


it comes from this pattern, and is a charm to sew! Very easy and fast sewing!!

Pattern Mc Call 7488


Finally, with this outfit you can have fun pretending to be an actress in a 1940s thriller movie!! haha!


Thank you all for reading, see you soon!

(Thanks babe for all the pictures 🙂 )

And as many crimes occure at midnight, I leave you with a great song of a great artist about a « lonely moon » to close this post 🙂


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  1. Mags dit :

    Love your outfit, very film noir!

    1. Thanks! Oh yeah « film noir », I love that period!

  2. Sassy T dit :

    Love this!!! Would you mind me featuring any of your projects on SSB? I credit, link to your post and let you know when featured. I post retro on Wednesdays.

    1. Hey Sassy T!
      Feel welcome to share my projetcs, a link would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks for you interest 😉

      1. Sassy T dit :

        Fab. I always let you know when posted and add a link, it’s the purpose of SSB.

  3. okay great, you’re very kind 🙂

  4. swiveltam dit :

    I just found your blog through Wesewretro! Love you blog and your sewing. You’re fabulous! I sew, swing dance and write about (just released a book that’s vintage romantic tales of fright).

    The inverted pleat skirt is to die for. Perfect for swing dancing! Gotta check out some of your other blog posts!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

    1. Hey thanks!
      oh yeah? what book? Must be really interesting!
      Yep exactly, really nice for swing 😀
      I am also following your blog 😛


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