Nothing’s too good for my baby! part II – 1950s guitar strap!

Hey there!

Today, I am going to show you another project for my beloved boyfriend : I wanted to reward him for his first month without cigarette! I’m so proud of him! Congratulations babe!!!

The 1950s style guitar strap!


The fact is that he is a singer in a rythm and blues/rockabilly/doo wop band, and really love the old school sound. Don’t hesitate to check out their website if you enjoy this great music too! :

The Ol'Bry website

 However, nowadays he hasn’t got an enough vintage looking guitar strap.

Héhé no problem : his girlfriend is going to solve this problem!

I got inspirations from old pictures of rock’n’roll artists. They had very thin leather straps, with sometimes a pad to protect the shoulder.

Mr Hank Williams :


Mr Johnny Cash :

Johnny+Cash+_rockabilly_classic (1)8228i5ss

Mr Chuck Berry :


Mr Buddy Holly :

Music. Personalities. pic: circa 1957. American singer, songwriter and pioneer of rock Buddy Holly (1936-1959) who with his group

And here is the kind of things you can find on the internet :


Not really personal, and the pad doesn’t look very confortable…

So, I chose a fake used-looking leather (I don’t like the use of real leather, just as real fur)


And I added a big amount of fleece inside the shoulder pad, so my honey’s shoulder would be well protected! I used a simple  black fabric to make the other face. Here’s the exploded sandwich :


The strap :

This is 2cm wide. I reinforced the fake leather with interfacing.


Then I realised the structure with a strong ribbon of « gros grain » because, as you can see bellow, my baby is definitely not a calm person on stage haha!!!


IMG_5158 IMG_5118

I used a recycled belt buccle from an old hand bag to finish the strap. Every holes are reinforced with zigzag stitches?


And finally, I wanted to add something a little bit more personal on it. I eventually chose to simply embroid his initials on it, « EG ».I used my usual sewing machine, ajusted the stitches to get the widht I wanted, and made the finitions with hand sewing :).  I am a little proud of this first embroidery, which didn’t turn as bad as I thought it would! hehe!! 🙂

IMG_7826IMG_7846 IMG_7836



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  1. Duffle dit :

    I love how the jacket is looking, the fabric you have chosen looks really cool 🙂 can’t wait to see the finished version! xx

  2. Thierry dit :

    I want the same for my Doublebass 🙂

    1. haha ! Maybe, if you’re wise enough!

    2. (ne me défie pas Thierry, je serais capable de l’inventer XD)


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