Nothing’s too good for my baby! part I – 1950s suit jacket prototype!!

Hello everyone!

I hope it’s as sunny were you are as it was these last days in France! (well not today, wich was a pretty « wet day »…).

I am currently working on so many projects beside my school work that I have the feeling I never stop! haha! But I have to admit I love it 🙂 !!

I have been working on a huge project lately that I would like to share with you :

A 1950s suit jacket!!


In fact I studied the traditional tailoring process and stiff (I am not sure it is the correct term in english for entoilage)

Among all, this very interesting wesite has helped me a lot, thanks to is precise sketches and explanations :

For example : Those simple drawings helped me a lot to understand how a suit structure can be realised!

0301 Mise en page 001 _ Mise en

I used this british pattern was a beginning, and altered it so it would fit my boyfriend :).


I made a prototype and made my personnal « guinea pig » wear it so I could ajust it. haha!


As you can see he was very confortable with staying calm for a photoshoot!

The final result will have the right lenght, or a little longer. Vintage british jacket were really long!


I also shortened a little bit the arm lenght


The shoulders seem to fit pretty well! (pad included in the right shoulder)

We decided to change the collar to a narrower and longer one.


I found a grey and white woolen fabric on ebay for the outside, and a burgundy duchess satin for the inside.

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl on earth : the other day, as I was in my usual fabric shop, I asked hopelessly if they had tailor interlining (again I am not really sure of the translation of « toile tailleur »).

And the nice lady told me that, two weeks ago, she received for the first time since she started working there (15 years ago) this very fabric!! YYEEEEEEEYY!!!


The woolen fabric :


The lining fabric :


And the structural fabric :


We are still looking for the perfect buttons to match this project, I will show you as soon as we find 🙂

And yes, too much clothes fitting can really drive a man crazy! Hahaha!!!


Thanks for reading! See you soon for part II !!!!


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  1. Laura dit :

    Wow! This is going to be amazing – I can’t wait to see the end result. Your boyfriend really got into the photoshoot 🙂 – I dread making something for Ben and trying to blog about it, as he HATES having his picture taken.

  2. Hihi I hope!! 🙂
    Yeah, luckily for me he isn’t shy and he likes photoshoots ^^ . Haha I understand ^^ . Make him food as a reward, stomach rules mens world! Hahahaha!!

  3. swiveltam dit :

    I too, hope to see the end result. The fabric is perfect! I have many patterns for jackets but have not taken them on yet. I’ve made some great men’s shirts, but what a task. Please post links from this blog post when done!

    Plus pix of you two together! What a gorgeous couple!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

    1. Yes it’s on its way, I have the pictures, but not much time for post writing 😦
      Oh yeah? I would love to see these shirts!!
      Haha okay we’ll try to post one together ^^

    2. (and thanks for your kind words of course 🙂 )


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