The Waikiki dress


I would like to present one of my latest project : The Waikiki dress!


I made it with a printed coton I found on a fabric website

Doesn’t it look like it comes from the 40s? And it was at sale price : only 10€/3meters!!! I feel really lucky sometimes haha!


When I found it I immediately got those lovely 40s-50s pictures popping in my head :

westmoreland-waikiki-hula pin-up-pack-depliant-8-pin-up-annee-40-s-hawaienne-calendriers-854731901_ML hawaiian-pin-up-girl-posters-48_thumb

I looked through ebay and etsy to find the perfect sarong dress pattern. And I was really surprised when I saw the results. Especially this one, the Butterick 6056 which is sold between 100 and 225€ !!!!! Seriously? 225€ for a pattern ??


It doesn’t look like using complex technics. Maybe it is rare, but this is definitely a crazy price for a pattern to me!!


So, I chose to look through the patterns I have, and tried to make my own.

I finally used this top pattern (the black one) :


And this straight skirt pattern.


The skirt was from a plus size pattern, so I had to resize it to fit me. And I changed the straps and joined them behind the neck. These were really easy to make, even with the alterations. Although I changed it a lot, I think the waist is still a little too wide. But I was afraid it wouldn’t be confortable if it was too close to my size, as the cotton is not elastic at all.


A few details :





As you can see, I am really happy with this dress haha!!


I can’t wait to wear it and dance with it in a concert!!

Thanks for reading!

And see you soon, I have many other projects to show you!!  And a big one on the go!!


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    1. Glad if you like it !! 😀

  1. anniehanks dit :

    Ooo, looks like a great dancing dress. Love how you hacked together a pattern.

    1. Thank you dear ! Yey can’t wait to wear it for a swing!! 😀

  2. Laura dit :

    Gorgeous dress, and I like your photoshoot, too!

      1. Laura dit :

        ps. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award over on my blog:

    1. WWaaaawwww!! I feel very honoured! Thanks! As soon as I can, I’ll answer!!! 😀

  3. eline dit :

    Looks fab! I love the print 🙂

  4. Renée dit :

    What a great fabric, usually these kinds of prints are very expensive! I’m glad you’re back 🙂

    1. *yey I was really happy to find it!! I’m glad too! Seems you’ve been very busy lately 😀

  5. Sunalee dit :

    I love the dress ! I think I should make one too since I have 2-3 patterns (from Gertie Hirsch) I could use and some nice hawaiian fabric.

    1. Hey, great you liked it! 😀 Oh super idea, I’d love to see it!!

  6. ksgentry dit :

    Brings memories of beaches and drinks served with umbrellas. What a great two piece dress. Love it!

    1. Haha yey!! can’t wait to drink a fresh cocktail in summer 🙂

  7. Duffle dit :

    stunning dress!!


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