1940s coat work

Hey everyone!

First of all, NO I’m not dead haha. I have been overwhelmed with school work these last weeks… I spent my days drawing maps and gathering informations for my school project…

I enventually found some time to work on my coat but quite more slowly than this summer.

As the pattern is a 30bust and I am more a 34, I had to resize it. I made a muslin, which seemed to fit well. But then, using the final fabric I realised it was way too big!!

First, the tracing and cutting time was really… hum… interesting in my little student flat. The whole piece of fabric took almost the width of the room haha!

As you can see it was dark because I only can work on it at night, And that there is a big problem with the electrical outlets organization in the room haha!


I feared I might lack of fabric but finally it was just enough, and I still have small pieces left to make a matching hat! Yey!!


arrow stitces, hard to do on such a thick fabric and with the pleats, but cute!

As I told you earlier, I had to alter the coat after gathering the pieces with the final fabric. The back and waist were really too wide, and although I resized the shoulder width proportionally from the original pattern, the final version also had too wide shoulders! I know in those times shoulders were really marked, and underlined with shoulder pads, but it disturbed me…


The fit wasn’t really well. On the model it wasn’t obvious, but when I wore it it was all pleated in the back and the sides…. I tried to add the collar (previous picture), but it didn’t solve the problem much…

I don’t know were could be my mistake …

So I made a long list of alterations, trying with he sleeves or without, and finally here’s the no-sleeve result today, not so bad I think!


manteau dos

Sorry, my model didn’t resist all the movings, and it is falling apart,. So it’s not the coat that is twisted, it is the model haha!

So I have to re-sew the sleeves, and draft the lining : as I altered the final pieces a lot,, the lining patterns are false now. I think I will mould it directly on the coat.

See you later for the next step!!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Stefanie dit :

    Beautiful color! Are you going to line it with a similar color?

    1. Thanks I really like it too! I have kind of a dark beige/light brown facric for the lining 🙂

  2. Debi dit :

    Love it!!! The arrows and details are fantastic!

  3. eleonore mosimann dit :

    Je viens de voir que tu étais du nord de la france! je suis de chantilly.. on ne doit pas etre tres loin! Super travail en tout cas.. ça doit être géniale de savoir coudre. 🙂 bisous

    1. Bonjour!
      Ah en effet, j’habite sur Lille. Merci beaucoup, et il n’est jamais trop tard pour commencer 😉 🙂


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