Huge project on the go : 1940s coat, inspired by Gladys the Bomb girl!

Hey everyone!

Sewing projects have been on pause lately, because of my studies that take a huge amount of my time. So I decided that, instead of making small projects that I would be tempted to finish in a hurry and not the best way, I am going to work on long term sewing projects.

I found out a few weeks ago that the canadian serie Bomb girls has been stopped… I got attached to these working ladies, so I was really desappointed about the news…  I watched again the two seasons and realized that I focused a lot on clothes and possible patterns that would fit. And then I saw the Gladys’s coat in season 2, and I fell in love!

When I have an idea, I get pretty obsessed with it and I HAVE to make it real!

Here’s the killer coat!



I started some intensive researches to find the perfect pattern. And finally I found it : OOOHHH YEEEAAH!! Ain’t it AWESOME??!! I love it!! (The sleeves are really less puffy, and I think they are easier to wear in an everyday style (people in my school think I am strange because of my retro look, so if I wear this kind of coat I will probably be banned hahahaha!)). At first I didn’t plan to do the fur collar, but now I think it would be great for wintery concerts and shows! I am still looking for a pattern for the hat, if you have an advice (shop etc…) it would be great 🙂 .


I am planning to make the four buttons  model on the right


Pockets with arrows stitches on a very classic coat, what a clever idea!


Many pieces to join… Scares me a bit, especially the two-pieces sleeves.


Ironing pattern, tracing, cutting… AArgh I hate it! It is really the unfunny step of sewing to me!


A great surprise in the pattern enveloppe : A vintage « Vogue design » label to sew on the finished cloth! I don’t know how many labels were in it when it was new, but I feel very lucky there’s still one for me!!

Fabric :

I really love the burgundy-kind of color (it’s in fact my favourite color!), but when I looked through fabric stores, burgundy boiled wool or coat fabric didn’t satisfy me.

I fell on a blue/green « caban » (I don’t know the english term for it sorry!) fabric, and I loved it! Plus it was only 20€/ for 3m !! I didn’t hesitate long, and I tried on Gladys Picture to see how it looked like. (Sorry I did it really quickly so it is not perfect)


and here is the fabric :


It is very soft and seems pretty warm too!! Peeeeerfect for northern winter!

And finally, here are the cute buttons I bought on ebay, and that I am waiting to receive!


I am currently still chosing the lining fabric, hesitations etc…

see you soon for the next step : muslin and resizing!

And you, have you already made a coat? A vintage style one? Leave some links in the comments, I would love to see them!

Oh! And would you have advices for me about coats? 🙂

Thanks for reading!

I don’t know why but this project also makes me reconsider  the « richelieu » shoes. I wasn’t a fan previously, but I think this coat is calling for elegant and closed shoes.



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  1. Shannon dit :

    I love the pattern! I haven’t made a coat yet but I would love to. Your fabric choice is great. I can hardly wait to see it finished!

    I too am thought of as strange because of the vintage and vintage-style clothes I wear, especially since I’m still in high school (lycée, as I believe it’s called in France). It used to bother me, but then I decided that I’ll wear what I love and if other people don’t appreciate these beautiful older styles, then that’s their problem! In fact, part of the reason I started blogging was to connect with other people that would appreciate these clothes. This will be a beautiful coat when it’s finished. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, I can’t wait to finish and wear it too ^^.

      Yeah, it was a joke about me being seen a strange girl, people usually really like it and give me compliments. It’s just that in my college some people are prejudiced against « rockabilly/rock’n’roll » style, so they laugh at me but nothing bad 😉 .

      I used to be a punk in high school, with half the head shaved but I had fabulous friends so I survived haha!

      To conclude, don’t give any importance to the people who judge you, you’re different and that’s your strenght 😉 . And you do such a really good work! Congratulations!!

  2. girliefrank dit :

    I can’t wait to see the final result! Lovely colour.
    I follow Sew Retro Rose ( and she did a 1940s coat during the summer. She did a series of posts in July and August which you might find helpful. She’s fantastic – I would highly recommend checking out her archived posts.
    Good luck and I can’t wait.

    1. Thanks 🙂 . Oh thank you very much for the link, I have started reading it and there are many tips! She does an awesome job indeed! Thank yoouu!!

  3. How cool to have the vintage label – and love the buttons! Can’t wait to see end product!

    1. Hihi love it too; feel like the luckiest girl on earth. How powerful a little piece of faric can be ^^

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