fall vs summer

Hi everyone!

It’s september, almost fall, and to me it also means « back to school »… Image

BUT I am still on holidays for a few days, so I still have my mind on « summer » mood.

So I present two of my last realisations : « Back to school » oufit and High waisted swimsuit!


So first, here is my « back to school » outfit.

The trousers are from the 3688 Simplicity pattern

ImageI used this pattern once for a swingin outfit, with a beige, kind of linen, fabric. This time I used a black synthetic fluid fabric. It is really confortable, but not really hot… Anyway I really like it!


Yep I am barefoot… But I had the « lonely sock curse » over me : I lost ONE of my saddle shoes in my parents entrance. Seriously I don’t know where it could go!

The pants look quite long but it’s just long enough, and doesn’t touch the floor WHEN I wear my shoes. And I think it looks better with heel shoes :).


Sorry for the photos quality, the sun was really shy…



The blouse is from a 1940s pattern I presented in my « fall for cotton » challenge participation. This was really easy to sew, cotton is SO easy to sew… I LOVE cotton!!! haha




It has topstitching on the collar, back yoke and the front. I used blue thread as I didn’t want it to be too bright.


Finally, I chose black « fabric like » buttons. I think they are cuttie cute!

I wore this outfit this week end to a rockabilly festival, and got a lot of compliments about it! 😀


(photo by Ladyharley Marcy photographe amateur)

High waisted swimsuit

And now here come my high waisted swimsuit I made this summer. It has been a long time since I wanted to sew my own vintage style swimwear.

I had some kind of marine lycra/jersey left from a previous skirt, so I decided it may me the time to try and do it!!

And this is definitive, I HATE sewing jersey. With those little pieces it was awful and it almost flew throught the window many many times!!!


I got the pattern and tutorial on this website. I had to altere a little the pieces but it was really useful!!!!


view from the back


I love those « rope » buttons!

This is a really confortable swimwear, and it looks so 40s-50s, I LOVE it! If one day I find a beautiful printed lycra I will probably make me another one, but right now this one is perfect for me :).

Et voilaaaaa!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. ksgentry dit :

    I love your fall outfit! I love that vintage clothes have a little room in them. The fabric you used for your blouse is perfect and the buttons are a perfect match.

    1. Thanks! Exactly! I love this decade outfits for thes reasons too! The balance between ajusted and wide really shpes the silhouette 🙂 . Oh thanks, I hesitated a lot about the fabric, it was my first choice but then I wasn’t so sure haha

  2. Mags dit :

    Fabulous makes. The trousers are such a great fit and it’s brave of you to make swimwear.

    1. Thanks! This pattern is really big, I had to ajust it a lot to make it fit… Oh yeah, brave maybe, but I won’t do it again before a looong time hahaha!!

  3. Renay dit :

    Lovely Swimsuit! looks great 🙂

  4. I love the out fit, how did you find making the trousers, did you have to do many adjustments? I want to make a pair but my last attempt on a pair of trousers was a nightmare. Thanks

    1. Hello Veronica! Well this pattern is really big, and I had to reduce it a lot, especially at the waist. But these are easy alterations, several trials helps to make the adjustements 😉 . I have tried once to make me another pair of trousers from another pattern (not 40s) but it wasn’t very beautiful… In fact I think those pants are really esay to fit and sew 🙂

      1. Merci beaucoup Sophie. Je pense que je vais faire un essai.

  5. RankkaApina dit :

    I love both the 40s outfit (I have the same pattern you used for pants!) and your swimsuit. I’m trying to finish my Bombshell swimsuit (by Closet Case Files) this weekend, although the weather in Paris is not really suitable for swimsuits anymore…

    1. Oh yeah the closet case file bombshell swimsuit pattern is very nice! Oui le temps n’est pas génial sur Lille non plus en ce moment! (oui je suis française aussi :), on est trop habitués à parler en anglais sur les blogs haha 😉 )

  6. Bry dit :

    I have that pattern for the pants and have been wanting to make them for a long time. They look cute on you, maybe I will actually do it this year!

    1. Don’t hesitate anymore they are easy to make and fit 😉 big plus : with a fluid fabric these pants are incredibly confortable 😀

  7. eline dit :

    I love everything, but especially the pants! They look so comfortable 🙂

    1. Hey Eline! Thanks! Well the best part is : they ARE incredibly comfortable :p

  8. Renée dit :

    I always love seeing 40s pants! I got the same pattern and will be making it soon too, I hope. And I just noticed that you put me in the side column of your blog!! I am actually changing my blog layout at the moment so I will make a small banner/ button so that you have an image in stead of that ugly text haha

    1. Hehe same for me René, those pants are so classy and flatering! Ho great, cannn’t wait to see it! 🙂 . Ow ok let me know when the new one is ready, I’ll change the link 😉

  9. Bec Stitches dit :

    You looks gorgeous in both outfits! Loving the top and pants combo:)

  10. Debi dit :

    Yay! So happy to have found your blog! Love your creations!

  11. Anthea dit :

    I like long trouser legs as well! I love your back to school outfit and your swim suit is so adorable! I like the gathers on the pants.

    1. Thanks Anthea! Yeah long trouser legs are the best!:)

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