Don’t you cramp my style, ’cause I’m a real wild child! 1940s jacket part 3 and final

Hey! Finally, I present you my « bad-ass girl jacket »!


As I told you in the first post about it, I used red suede and beige lining. A choice that I put into questions many times, as it was really puffy when I started sewing it up. But steam is now my best friend,  it solved the problem and I’m glad I chose suede!! (part2 with muslin is here)

I LOVE it!

It is not the kind of jacket/windbreaker shape that you can find today, so I needed a (short) time to get used to it, but know I am addicted!

I will probably change only one thing on this jacket : the fact that only a button at the front bottom holds it closed. If you don’t move it’s okay, but I am really not a calm person ^^. Probably snaps, I don’t want to had buttons on this simple front🙂Image

I took a looooooot of pictures of it, because I am kind of proud of this first jacket I made!! héhéhé!

Here come the pictures!




Don’t look at the remaining thread, don’t look at the remaining thread, don’t look at the remaining thread, don’t look at the remaining thread…………………………………………………………………………. Hey!! I saw you, I said DON’T! 😛


Liniiiing! (and a little of bellyyyyyy too ! )  I almost entirely lined it with machine, and not by hand sewing, and it was waaay faster!


Oh! It’s getting cold!😛




The neck can be worn up if the weather is too windy. I hesitate to add eyes and hooks as the pattern says to, I don’t know if it is going to be aesthetic :s. You can see the little black buttons on the cuffs too🙂 . Too bad I don’t have a close up because they are pretty cute!





The simple black button used for the front.


And the hemlined collar🙂 I LOVE topstitching!!! My sewing machine, her, doesn’t like it much,  the thickness of the many layers of suede gave her a lot of hard work!


Et voilaaaaa!!!

Oh and I have to say the first picture of this post made me laugh a lot because it reminded me of an hum…. elegant 1940s poster :


Yeeeeey now I look like a strange lady who suffers from syphilis and gonorrhea!!!  Niiice! hahaha!

31 réflexions sur “Don’t you cramp my style, ’cause I’m a real wild child! 1940s jacket part 3 and final

  1. Nice work, your jacket is a unique piece. The color is fabulous and it has great vintage flair! Really well done. I think that Tasia from By Gum By Golly used this same vintage pattern for her jacket – have you seen it?

    • Oh yeah… Tasha’s jacket… a piece of art… In fact it’s what gave me the will to make me a jacket too🙂 . But hers is from the 1678 Hollywood pattern. Her sleeves and bust have a « narrower shape » (I don’t know how to say it) and it has flat pockets. FLAT POCKETS! Gosh I also love flat pockets….! I would like to make me the Simplicity 1535, wich is similar to hers but sshhh it’s a secret ^^

  2. Your jacket looks great! I really like the contrasting top stitching. I have a similar pattern (Simplicity 1535) that I hope to make this fall or winter. I hope it turns out as well as yours!

  3. Hello, just discovered your blog & I love it! I’m now following on bloglovin, I think your jacket is superb – it makes me think of James Dean. Looking forward to seeing what you make next.

    • Hello Powell2317! Welcome on my blog then🙂 . My boyfriend also says it makes me look like a girly James Dean. Hope I’ll live a little longer than he did or I won’t wear this jacket a lot ^^

    • Oh thanks you’re very nice to answer and come by! It hasn’t reached the quarter of the awesomeness of yours but I did my best ^^. It was easier especially with you machine-sewed lining technique and explanations😉

  4. Bonjour, je viens de tomber sur ton blog (merci Tallulah pour le lien :)) et j’aime beaucoup ce que tu fais! ça fait un moment que je suis à la recherche d’un patron pour faire une veste similaire à la tienne (pas sûre d’avoir le niveau, mais ça ne coûte rien de chercher!), est-ce que je peux te demander où tu l’as trouvé?

    • Salut Juliette! Merci beaucoup et soit la bienvenue par ici🙂 .
      Alors ce patron c’est le Mc Call 6360, je l’ai eu sur ebay je crois. Il y en a sur etsy aussi😉 . Il faut regarder souvent parce que ça arrive par vague j’ai l’impression, et j’ai mis un peu de temps avant de le trouver à ma taille 😉

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