My vintage Rita Hayworth haircut and easy and fast hairstyle!

Hi everyone!

Stefanie asked me how did I style my hair on this picture :

ImageI can explain my usual hairstyle, which is exactly similar to this one except the curls are looser ;).


First, the haircut

This is the basis for a good looking vintage hairstyle.

Daniela Turudich’s book, « 1940′s Hairstyles », gives complete explanations for 1940s haircuts. I didn’t have it in my « 1940s swinging outfit » post yet,that’s why my hair looked longer 😉 .ImageFor example, one of the most famous haircuts of this period is the « middy » .


ImageMost were based on the same shape, with different lenghts.

ImageI wasn’t sure these short haircuts would fit me and my round face, so I chose a longer cut, the « femme fatale », the one that Mrs Rita Hayworth had! Yey! This was enough to convince me to make it! haha!

ImageImageImageSo I went to my hairdresser with the scheme, and luckily one of the ladies was also passionate with vintage hairstyles, and, as she said, took a great pleasure to do it :).

She told me the deep « U shape » is really retro indeed, although not so far from modern layered cut 😉 .Image

(sorry, my hair are hard to get in perfect position, and I was alone to take the pictures… )

Then, the hairstyling!

Because even with Rita haircut, without styling, you wil look like that : (For me it is even worth because I have a LOT of thick hair).


I was pleased to make a little tutorial of my hairstyle, since it is slightly different from the great one Tasha (By gum by golly) wrote a few days ago. She used foam rollers in her everyday hairstyle, and slept with it to shape the hair. I did it too before, and still do sometimes, and it really works well! But I always had the same problem if I wanted to make the hairstyle NOW and couldn’t wait a night to work out. Heating « clamps » (I don’t know what’s the exact english expression for it) are really not good for my hair, already too much dry!!

I heard talking about heating curlers, and started to look forward vintage ones but I didn’t know how to choose them and I was sceptical about the electricity safety of such objects.

So, my choice turned to modern ones (for now… 😉 ) . The brand « Remington » seems to be very well rated. I found an « as new » second hand one on the internet. Ad since I tried it I can’t live without it anymore!

ImageImageIn this set, you have 20 rollers, which come in three sizes. To set them, you can use clamps or pins. Personally I prefer clamps 😉 .

ImageYou see the little red point on the top of one of the rollers on the picture above? As soon as it gets white, they are hot enough, and you can roll you hair around!

And then, here comes the time when you become glamourous, hot, ounces of feminity flow through every pores of your skin, and your beloved falls in love again….

No, I’m kidding, you’re just ridiculous, deal with it…

BUT it only last 10-15 minutes, so you just have to avoid any social contact during this period of time, and your pride will be safe 🙂 .


The way you turn your rollers gives the direction of the future curl. This is how I usually do for a casual style :tuto coiffure (8) 2



ImageWhen the rollers are cooled, remove them, and get you brush ready for a lot of moves! I didn’t have much time, so I couldn’t let them as long as I wanted to, so the result is less important, but the idea is here 🙂



I usually brush over to smooth the hair, and then under to roll the bottom.


Then, I usually pin the side hair up, so it creates a side roll. When I let the roller set a longer time, it is rounder , and the whole roll can be pine ud in a more 50s look 🙂


and here it is! Simple and easy as I like 🙂



I wore this hairstyle last week end at a rockabilly festival (with one of my last projects, a dress that turned out to be a blouse ^^) :


Hope it’s gonna help!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Stefanie dit :

    Thanks! Reading this has made my day! I can’t wait to try it, absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Great! Glad I could help 🙂

  2. cat dit :

    Wonderful! How long does the hair need to be to use the rollers?

    1. Thanks! Well I think just above the shoulder lenght might be the shorter (kind of the « baby haircut ») to use these. Technically you could use rollers on really short hair, but then I don’t know many 1940s hairstyles with short lenght. Maybe you can find a few, because there is a very short haircut in the « master design » schemes but I think at least baby cut is the best in the modern world 😉 . Long answer and I don’t know if I was really clear hahaha!

  3. Devin Londeree dit :

    I have the same book and love the femme fatale cut. However, I’ve been afraid to go as short as the book indocates on the sides of my head. How short do you usually ask for on the sides?

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