summery peplum blouse


Hello everybody!

Here is one of my latest sewing projects : a 1940s peplum top, made with a cute flowery lightweight cotton fabric. I found it in a fabric store in France, as a coupon of 3 meters for only 12 euros ! With the fabric left I made the inside of my previous retro birdie bag ;-).

The pattern is the simplicity 2027.


The pattern almost fitted well, I only had to narrow the waist (one of my recurring problem with clothes…).

What brought me questions was the facings : it didn’t contain any for the neck! Have you also used a pattern with this kind of finition? I was pretty confused.

As I wasn’t very sure my sewing machine would be able to realise perfect finitions this way, I added facing for the back neck an the front, with invisible stitches. The first time it was too wide, and gave the blouse a strange look with big shoulders haha! After a quick alteration I think it just fits well!





Piped buttonholes and woody buttons 🙂

IMG_1181 test

I wore it this week end for a concert in Paris, which took place at the batofar, a canal boat on the Seine, and got a few compliments 🙂 . And HELL, the music was  really grrrrrrreat! Here are some pictures of the show (Marc and the wild ones, from germany, and Slim the desperado ). Enjoy! 🙂

IMG_1344IMG_1318  IMG_1315 IMG_1380

Thanks for reading!


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  1. K-Line dit :

    Totally adorable!

    1. Thanks Christina!! 😀

  2. Elise Lin dit :

    Very elegant, and I love how the peplum in the back is so flowy!

    1. Thank you! Yes the pplum is not « too much », thanks to the kind of fabric used too, it was just « rigid » enough to hold on 🙂

  3. Stefanie dit :

    Beautiful! I love the buttons, they go perfectly. Did you cut your hair? or how did you style it to make it look shorter?

    1. Thankq! I found the buttons on a market, and I immediatly thought : « I want you!!! » haha! Yes I did cut my hair, I will do a post on it soon 😉

  4. sewing galaxy dit :

    The whole outfit fits flawless, it is literally breathtaking! The way you implemented it is so classy and elegant and and matches the spirit of the time perfectly.

    1. Ow thank you you are really sweet!

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