Retro birdie camera bag


Lately I bought me a new camera I had been dreaming about for a long time. I’ll finally be able to take good pictures in concerts yeeeyyyy!

But I had one problem : the bag. When I saw the ones sold in High-tech stores well.. Let’s say I wasn’t very enthousiastic… So I decided to make my own. And you remember the birdie beret I made? It gave me some inspiration for the colors and the ornament! 🙂


The oustide fabric is brown suede, and the inside is a very pretty light weight cotton fabric with soft colored flowers. I re-used and old belt buckle on the front (yes, I sewed it in the wrong way…).  I also added a fleece-lined protection for the shoulder, and an handle on the top on the bag.



The inside is horizontally separated in three compartments : one small for charger, wires and future flash, one medium for lenses and the biggest for the camera and user guide.


Vertically, little « cushions » separate and protect the different objects. (Between the two lenses for example).

Two flat pockets are made under the flap (I don’t know if this is the correct term?)to store memory cards :-).

Finally, I made little bags for lenses to keep them from dust with the same fabric than the inside.


I made it with no pattern, and if I had to make it again I would certainly change many steps, especially the flap. I cant’ wait to use it in a concert!! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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