Hello everybody!

So, now that it is created, the good manners are to start this new born blog with a little presentation. My name is Sophie, I am a 23 years old french chick. As soon as I have some time to spend in my student life, it’s on music and sewing. My whole life is fill with the great passion of rockabilly, hillbilly, rythm ‘n’ blues, etc…

I love 1950s and 1940s clothing styles. But because I am close to six feet tall, it’s not really easy to find nice AND affordable vintage clothes for me… So I started to sew my own stuff to wear, and it began to be a passion too.

I am a beginner in this art, and I wondered how to improve my (few) skills. At this very moment my (clever) boyfriend told me  » Hey why don’t you make a blog about sewing? »

And this was a briliant idea! This way, « masters » could give me advices on my works and even maybe help me to get better!

So thank you all for visiting my blog and give me the honor of your advices! Hope you will enjoy it ! 🙂



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